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Andorate Disposable Valve Kit

Reusable valves can be a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to risk of cross contamination and infections. Remove that risk and save time on cleaning and reprocessing by choosing a sterile, single-use endoscopic valve kit from Healthcare Essentials.

In fact, the latest BSG guidelines recommend the use of single-use endoscopic valves, stating that:
The handling of loan endoscopes requires special consideration. They will arrive without detachable components (valves), and units will be expected to provide these”, adding that ““It is essential that valves are removed and discarded before the [loan] endoscope is returned to the manufacturer…Units may consider the use of single use valves for this purpose.”


  • Increases efficiency – eradicates the need for manual cleaning and reprocessing
  • Eradicates the task of tracking valves and pairing them with specific scopes
  • Single-use kit provides verified protection against HAIs
  • Compatible with Olympus® Endoscope 140/160/180/240 & 260 Series

Endoscopic Permanent Marker

Manufactured by The Standard, Black Eye is a bio-compatible solution designed to clearly mark lesions in the gastro-intestinal tract. The carbon black particles are injected into the sub-mucosa space of the GI tract where they create lasting marks on lesions, helping in the clear observation of lesions and any subsequent treatments.

This sterile, single use endoscopic permanent marker comes in a 5cc Syringe of non-toxic, injectable water, glycerol and carbon black liquid. Unlike Indian Ink, Black Eye does not risk including heavy metals or cross-contamination from the dilution procedure required, making it an extremely safe and easy-to-use choice for GI care.


  • Safe
  • Sterile
  • Each syringe is prefilled
  • Easy to use


Valvesafe™ is a single-use endoscope valve cage for the safe storage of endoscope valves and to ensure they remain as part of a unique set with the parent endoscope, as recommended by a number of National and International guidelines.

Valvesafe is designed to take up to 4 valves; the air/water valve, suction valve air/water cleaning adaptor and the biopsy cap if this has not breached.
Valvesafe™ contains a number of useful benefits:                          
  • Addresses the need in the International Guidelines
  • Locks onto the endoscope – without concealing any part
  • Keeps the valves ‘locked’ together with the parent endoscope
  • Assists in the traceability of the scope and its’ valves
  • Protects the valves against damage during the cleaning process
  • Integrated opening for Air/water cleaning adaptor chain
  • Open’ design to allow disinfectant through
  • Plastic construction to prevent ‘rust’ and prevent any microbiological growth
  • Single-use – helps prevent cross-contamination


Designed with nurses in mind to quickly and accurately retrieve specimen material, our ThomasTrap is equipped with two removable specimen drawers and a clear window for easy visualization of collected specimens. Retrieve multiple polyps with uninterrupted suction and safeguard staff from unnecessary exposure to biomaterials.  Provides 100% safeguard against lost polyps.
ThomasTrap with Two Removable Chambers
  • Equipped with two removable specimen drawers
  • Secure click-and-unlock mechanism
  • Easy installation
  • Clear window for easy visualisation of collected specimens
  • Safeguards against unnecessary exposure to biomaterial and lost polyps
  • DEHP Free
  • 20 sets per box
  • Non Sterile